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How to Become a Participant

Thank you for your interest in being a participant with Kiddy Kats! At Kiddy Kats you set the price and earn 70% of your total sales. We do most of the work for you! You just prepare your items and bring them to drop off. We do all the advertising and staff the event. You will make lots more money than you would at a garage sale or consignment store.

Why be a Participant?

  • Clean out your closets and make money with no yard sale hassles!
  • You set the price and there is no negotiating!
  • Your kids have the best clothes and toys at a fraction of the cost.
  • Earn higher percentages on your sales than in consignment shops.
  • See, touch, and smell the items you buy, unlike internet shopping Have fun with other moms who enjoy the same hobbies you do- shopping and saving money!

How to become a participant:
There are two ways to become a participant:


  1. For computer entry/ barcoding system selection: New Participant Registration or Returning Participant Registration



After choosing your tagging method, the following steps will apply:


  1. Hang, Price and Tag items 

  2. Drop off items at your arranged time. Drop off Appointment Scheduling

  3. Bring a self-addressed stamped envelope (Hand Cards only)

  4. Fill out participant agreement 

  5. Pay a 10.00 participant fee (advertising and rental) 

  6. If not donating unsold items leave a container labeled with your participant number


Participant Benefits
As a participant you get to shop at a private sale on Tuesday evening before we open to the public and you get to shop ALL DAY Friday ½ price before we sell ½ price to the public on Saturday!