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Tagging Items

We are dedicated to bringing you excellent quality items at affordable prices. Only new or gently used items will be accepted. Please bring only items that you would consider buying yourself. We are striving to maintain the highest quality of merchandise for your sale.

Item Entry and Tag Printing 

How to Tag Your Items:

  • Each article of clothing must be on a hanger proportionate to its size and securely attached.
  • The Hook of the hanger should face toward the left side when looking at the front of the item.(Like a question mark)
  • Each item must have a barcode tag. (Check for printing tips)
  • Attach with a safety pin at the top of the card and on the right shoulder of the garment, or use the new tagging guns that are available.
  • Toys that are small , have many pieces, or grouped items should be in a clear plastic Ziploc type bag. Use clear tape to secure the tag to the bag.
  • Please use whole prices in 50 cent increments ($2.00, $2.50, $3.00)
    Minimal price is $2.00 on all items. Please group items together to achieve the minimal price if an item is not worth $2.00 by itself.
  • Mark tags as NO DISCOUNT next to the price if you DO NOT want your item to go ½ price on Saturday.
  • Please think about Pricing items so that you can let them go half price so that you INCREASE your check and DECREASE items to pick up.